Qualityhealth.com Website Review & Ratings + Quality Health Coupons
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Qualityhealth.com Website Review & Ratings + Quality Health Coupons

Review of Quality Health

Are you looking for a place to get quality down-to-earth information and guide on wellness and health issues? Then search no more because qualityhealth.com provides all these and even more.

Quality Health is definitely your one-stop health issues and wellness facility that provides you with:

Quality Health is owned by Marketing Technology Solutions (MTS) and from 2008 statistics qualityhealth.com was ranked the 8th most visited website in the World Wide Web. It is one of the most popular sites related to health topics and is made up of a huge portal that is constant making posts of news and articles relating to health problems while at the same time proffering solutions.

The articles / content of Quality Health come from several sources like:

  • Their editorial staff made up of experts
  • User generated information through forums
  • Groups / user created blogs
  • Paid adverts
  • Various links and resources for further research

The site houses experts like Psychologists, Social Workers and a Medical Doctor to attend to questions relating to whatever health issues or problems you might be having and at no charge whatsoever. These experts will answer your questions on mental issues, dieting, health, etc.

Quality Health enables registered users to make a personal profile on their site. A part of your profile contains your particular health conditions and signing up for the newsletters targeted to you. This creates a personalized user experience that caters to your own specific health interests and needs.

Quality health is also a place where you can receive free coupons, amazing discounts, and special offers from leading and top brand names in the Pharmaceutical and Packaged Goods companies in the United States.

Though the site is not a replacement for professional medical treatment, but rather a tool for assisting and improving health and general well-being, it is nevertheless worth trying out especially as their services are offered for FREE.

Quality Health: What makes it different?

Unique and Outstanding Features of Quality Health

There are some features possessed by Quality Health that makes it distinct from any other product in the same market niche. Some of them are highlighted below:

  • Loads of Readily Accessible and Free Information

If there is one distinct and outstanding feature that is glaring about Quality Health, it is the staggering wealth of information that they have available in their platform. Ranging from numerous articles on popular health topics to even lesser-known health issues, Quality Health parades them, clearly distinguishing itself as a portal on articles relating to health issues. And what’s more, it is free for all visitors and registrants.

They also provide free eBooks, mostly on healthy cooking recipes. They also parade lots of health videos, food and nutrition videos, dieting and weight loss videos, etc. and all for FREE.

  • Links You to Top Brand Names In the Pharmaceutical Industries

This is another good and outstanding feature of the Quality Health platform. They link you up to some of the top brands in the pharmaceutical industries; with special offers on their products for interested visitors to cash in on.

  • Access To Experts and Specialists at No Charges

Well, with Quality Health, you can be sure that your health issues and questions will be addressed by experts and professionals with no fear of being charged. They have a number of Social Workers; Psychologist and a Medical Doctor that attends to questions on all health issues and mental problems. The fear of being given advice by a quack is totally eliminated when dealing with Quality Health.

  • Excellent Website Features and Tools

Another outstanding feature of Quality Health is that it has lots of features for the visitor / registered users to consume. For instance, they have the Health News Section that features the latest news and trends about certain treatments that are now available for certain conditions. This section also cites news on health care products, latest cancer and heart diseases news and other varied news on health.

There is also the Health Expert section where you gain access to a professional that would tend to all and any of your health questions or issues; and for free.

The site also has a symptom checker, health encyclopedia; medical condition page which feature quizzes you can take. They also have a Health Center; which features individual categories on many health topics like ADD, diabetes, depression, osteoporosis, etc.

  • Affiliate Program

Quality Health also runs an affiliate program that allows you to earn $1.20 for each qualified email you refer. Details on how to go about it are well defined in their site.

  • Customer / Community Support

Despite the fact that they don’t charge for their services, Quality Health still offers good support to their customers. They have a community in their platform that is always in the ready to assist you with any problem / concern you might have relating to your health.

  • User Friendly and Easy to Use Website

The Quality Health website is well organized and with a color combination that puts you in a sort of joyful mood. You will also find it very easy to locate any targeted article you might need. The site also allows you to make a personalized profile. A part of your profile contains your health conditions and signing up for a free newsletter that pertains to your own peculiar health conditions.

  • Discounts, Coupons and Special Offers On Products

There are lots of quality products available on the Quality Health website and with special offers, coupons and discounts. Most of these offers come from the top brands and names in the pharmaceutical and packaged goods companies spread across the United States.

  • Free Services

Well, I must repeat here that all the services offered by Quality Health come free of charges. This is astounding! Despite their services been free, they still offer quality information that is, perhaps, unbeatable anywhere else in the web for products in the same market niche.

Quality Health vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Quality Health)

Key Competitors and Rivals to Quality Health

Quality Health strongest competitors are WebMD.com and Healthline.com. These platforms offer similar products to qualityhealth.com and are perhaps two of the fiercest of the competitors for products in the same market place as qualityhealth.com.

  • WebMD.com

Webmd.com is one of the most renowned health information providers in the internet. When it comes to brand, quality and name, webmd.com has it.

They also provide mobile applications to those on the move and with no wireless access to the internet. This is especially useful in cases of emergencies where you need to attend to an accident victim or administer first aid.

The site is owned by WebMD Health corporation, a leading provider of health information services that reaches out to consumers, physicians, healthcare professionals, employers,etc through their portal, www.webmd.com, mobile platform and health-focused publications. The WebMD Health Network encompasses the following:

  • WebMD Health,
  • Medscape
  • Medicine Net,
  • emedicineHealth
  • RxList
  • theheart.org
  • Drugs.com and
  • Medscape Education.

As you can see, they are a strong force to reckon with in the health information niche and a definite strong rival to qualityhealth.com.

Some of the key features this platform has are:

  • An overwhelming database of medical news and health information
  • Directories of Hospitals, Pharmacies and Doctors
  • A community where health and medical issues are thrashed out
  • Access to experts where your medical issues are attended to
  • Reliable and quality medical information
  • WebMD symptoms checker
  • Mobile apps for those on the move and with no access to the internet.

All these features are comparable to that of qualityhealth.com and really attractive too! So how does Quality Health fare better than WebMD.com? It does so in a number of ways. In this first instance, the website of Quality Health is more user friendly compared to webmd.com that appears to be clustered.

Webmd.com also appears to be promotional in nature with loads of adverts and offers even on some issues not pertaining to health like bear and wine.

Aside these few points speaking against webmd.com, they still remain a strong rival to Quality Health given the name and brand they have carved for themselves and their very large database of quality information.

  • Healthline.com

Healthline.com is the second rival we will consider here and a very strong one to Quality Health. Health Line is one of the top 10 websites that offers medical advice and health-related information and services to users and registrants for free.

It was first launched in 1999 as yourdoctor.com but was rebranded in 2005 as www.healthline.com . It offers similar services as WebMD.com and qualityhealth.com. The site boasts of some features as:

  • A plethora of medical information and advice
  • Access to experts on medical issues who will answer your health questions
  • Free access to use all information in the site
  • Search for symptoms of conditions
  • A user friendly website

Health Line is pretty much the same as any of the other two websites; only that they have been much longer in the business.

While lots of medical advice can be obtained from healthline.com, it shouldn’t take the place of professional help and consultation on your health related issues.

Quality Health beats Health Line by providing more targeted health information to its users. The website is also easier to use and more friendly.

Quality Health: Pricing & packages

Pricing and Packages

Quality Health is a FREE to use websites; likewise Health Line and WebMD. It might be shocking to observe that these websites that offer such good services for FREE; services needed by almost every one.

The question that easily comes to the mind of every one is: how do such sites as Quality Health, Health Line and WebMD survive? Well, the answer is easy. They survive on money made form adverts. That is why WebMD.com websites is so clustered with loads of adverts.

Even if they do decide to make some charges on their customers in the future, the amount would be worth it because the health information and advice offered in these sites are definitely worth some money. However, it is a good thing that their services are being offered for FREE.

Quality Health: Product images & screenshots
Quality Health Coupons
Get Get 33% Off on your first order with free healthy samples when you sign in @ Quality Health
Get Get 33% Off on Your First Order @ Quality Health
Get Quality Health site will provide you with free healthy samples when you sign in @ Quality Health
Get Free Samples @ Quality Health
Get Get Free Healthy Samples @ Quality Health
Quality Health: Customer reviews & comments

Customer Reviews and Feedbacks

There are loads of feedbacks from customers who have used quality health and they are mostly positive ones. These just are some of the things that customers have to say about the Quality Health website.


Las Vegas, NV

I first signed up for the Quality Health site to get free recipes and information on health issues.  The pros of this site is they do offer good advice on low fat cooking with delicious downloadable recipes and free fast food quizzes and calorie counters.  What disappointed me most is that in order to get the advice you always have to pass through surveys from third party sponsors to get to your site.  I guess they hope they will interest you enough...



Palm Bay, FL

I received a link to Quality Health from a friend. At first I was a little skeptical because I have found that many health web sites are mostly just a bunch of advertisements. Just another way to try to get people to spend their money. Anyway, when I got to the web site, Quality Health, I was surprised. There were many articles that pertained to my specific health problem. (diabetes). There are some questionairres that you can fill out and you can receive free samples from different companies. The questions are geared to your specific health conditions. You can sign up for newsletters  and mailing..

The site’s own customer support is very good as well, and didn’t give us any problems or bad impressions. They were in fact always eager to help, and participated in the community’s discussions very actively.


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good job

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A good review about Quality Health, recommended as always.

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Your reviews are really good.

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Thanks my good friends Phoenix and PG. I just put in some efforts. You guys are actually the ones that keep me going.

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Well researched and well written!

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Thanks Christy....and a wonderful new week to you!

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Very good review. voted and promoted

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Thanks so much Madam Lorena!

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Well done review with great consumer information.thank you.

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Glad you dropped by and thanks for the comment Madam Roberta.

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Get 33% Off on your first order with free healthy samples when you sign in @ Quality Health
Get 33% Off on Your First Order @ Quality Health
Get Quality Health site will provide you with free healthy samples when you sign in @ Quality Health
Get Free Samples @ Quality Health
Get Free Healthy Samples @ Quality Health